Ethics: Your Inner Compass

One thing you probably haven’t learned in school is also one of the most basic skills there are: how to figure out what to do.

It turns out, people have had to do this for a long time, and they’ve actually come up with some pretty ingenious ideas. The study of these ideas is called “ethics.”

In the Ethics & Values section of the website you’ll find a few different approaches to making ethical decisions. A great place to start is this simple pdf from the Santa Clara University Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, which asks a few brief questions about the various moral considerations that might come into play when making a decision. This slightly longer article gives a better description of each of those ethical considerations.  Both are part of a larger Ethical Decision Making resource, which is well worth exploring in its entirety.

You can also watch our video entitled, “What do you value and why?” Which asks some questions about what your values are.

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