Other Resources

Like our site, but want more? Want to do a rite of passage, rather than just talking about it? Here are some other amazing programs and resources, online and off, that can supplement the conversations here:


The Good Men Project hosts tons of great articles on issues relevant to men in the contemporary world.

Generation Waking Up offers resources for young people to discover their unique contributions to bringing forth a thriving, just, and sustainable world:

The Man Making Blog: a blog (and book) about men, boys, male culture, mentoring, rites of passage, and men helping boys on their journey to manhood.

Youth Passageways is an evolving network of individuals, organizations, and communities supporting the healthy passage of today’s young people into mature adulthood during a time of global transition.  Men’s Eagle Council is a member of the Youth Passageways network.  Their site offers a searchable database of rite of passage experiences around the world.

Soulbridging.com: “pearls of wisdom, curated to uplift, inspire, and expand your consciousness.” An excellent resource for exploring the spiritual dimension of your experience without a particular religious slant.

In Person

Men’s Leadership Alliance is a partner organization of the Men’s Eagle Council, offering programs for men and women of all ages in Boulder, CO. Visit their events page to learn about upcoming programs, including wilderness rites of passage for teen guys.

The Surfing the Creative International Youth Leadership Rites of Passage Camp is an international, movement-based rite-of-passage experience in Boulder Colorado from Golden Bridge:

The Ojai Foundation: “an educational retreat center, sanctuary and community dedicated to the way of council and rites of passage programs.” The Ojai Foundation developed the Way of Council, which was one of the core tools in Men’s Eagle Council’s in-person programs and forms the heart of our new small-group mentoring webinars.

ColoradoRitesofPassage.com offers a directory of rites of passage in Colorado.

We also have a Parent’s Guide to Choosing Rite of Passage Programs for Teens and a Parent’s Guide Listing Twelve 2015 Rites of Passage Programs in North America in the Parents section of our website.

Are you involved with a rite-of-passage program, and want to be on our resources page? Please contact us with your name and the name, physical address, and URL of your organization!

If you know of other online resources that might be helpful to teen guys and aren’t listed here, you can post them in the comments below: