Welcome Parents!

Welcome Parents!

If you have a teenage boy whom you want to see grow into a thriving adult, you’ve come to the right place. Journey to Manhood is an online resource for teenage boys.

The following video outlines the needs teens have for mentorship and initiation through the transition to adulthood:

If you’d like some advice on how to choose a rite of passage program from our founder Carl Kalin and Darcy Ottey, coordinator of Youth Passageways, sign up here and we’ll send you a link.

The Men’s Eagle Council is part of the group of rite-of-passage organizations the film above is about. For nearly ten years we offered a rite of passage to groups of young people in Boulder, CO, but now we have moved online to provide a resource that’s more accessible to larger numbers of young men.

We provide:

The following video from our fundraising campaign tells the story of the Men’s Eagle Council, the beneficial effects our past programs have had on teenage boys, their families, and their communities, and why we created this website:

To learn more about our story and how this site came about, visit our About Us page.

You can also go to How to Use this Site for a more in-depth description of what’s here and how the boys in your life can use it to help them create their identities as adult men.